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I wanted to kno if anyone knos any trails around Southwestern PA. Me and some of my friends are gettin pretty bored messin around in the local woods and i was wondering if anyone knows and good trails. I live in Washington Co. so its not to far from the Ohio or WV border so im willing to go to either one to wheel too.

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* Route 476 North to exit #34 (Mahoning Valley) It is now exit 74 *small sign says old exit 34
* Take Route 93 North (approximately 10 miles)
* Turn left onto Route 424 toward 1-81 (3.3 miles)
* Take I-81 North 1.5 miles to Exit # 143
* Take 924 South (3 miles)
* Turn left onto Oak Ridge Road (Humboldt Industrial Park)
* Cross RR Tracks
* Entrance on right 2/10 of a mile

You could wheel somewhere in Shamokin PA as well. do a search you'll find something on that area on the web. I've been there once it was pretty cool.

There is also

Rausch creek. Haven't been there yet.

Being in PA there are plenty of places. A little bit of travel time and your all set.
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