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I have an 89 YJ that I want to wire up for a trailer is it hard? I have a multimeter and I know how to use it I was just curious where everyone else ran their wires to out under the tailgate? through the plug in the floor? decisions, decisions......

Got rid of 2 Suzuki Samurai's and got serious I got an 89YJ Wrangler with 32's and hardtop, origional Rebuilt engine 120K miles. and the economy vehicle is a 2000XL Harley Davidson Sportster.

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This is the typical wiring for a trailer using a flat connector. I like to remove tail lamp assembly and tap into the various wires, solder the tap, cover with some heat srink filled with silicone and then take the wires out to a connector that I mount under the body, bumper in a waterproof box. When I need it I can just remove the waterproof cover and the plug is ready to accept the trailer wiring.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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