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Trail Box contents

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Just wanted to tap into the experienced to find out what kind of tools and spare parts everyone carries in their trail box. It seems you never have everything you need, so I wanted to get inputs as to what the most common needs seem to be.

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The replies you get could be good wish lists for birthdays and Christmas.

WD-40, tow rope, rope, bungee cords, hand cleaner, rags, milk crates, extra hitch ball, fuses, tire gauge, wire ties, flash light, batteries, water, oil, other fluids, knife, tools (all kinds), RTV, fuel filters, hose, clamps, some type of beating device (bat, stick, crowbar), tape, bottle opener, ball cap, sunglasses and spare change.

EVERYTHING :) Kitchen sink too if you can make it fit (nice for camping).

The most common things I need, besides complete set of sockets and wrenches,
1. strap, tree protector, shackle etc...
2. highlift jack
3. chains, 1 long & couple of small short lengths
4. EXTRA FLUIDS (engine oil, trans fluid, gear oil, brake fluid, PS,
5. Tire plugs
6. extra brake lines (I seem to be encountering this alot lately)
7. Screwdrivers (I know that sounds stupid but I always need one)
8. set of extra lockout hubs
9. misc. extra bolts and nuts (esp. for hubs)
10. extra u joints (incl axleshaft type)
11. worm gear clamps
12. hub socket
13. socket for AMC 20 rear
14. breakover bar
15. gasket maker
16. volt meter
17. butt connectors, fuses, elec. wire, wire crimpers
18. line wrenches
19. couple of misc used axleshaft & hub bearings/races for temporary repair
20. hand axe/hatchet
21. pliers & vise grips
22. duck tape/ elect. tape
23. baling wire
24. big 4 way wrench
25. snap ring pliers
26. WD-40

Back at camp... any extra parts I saw before I left, usually including:
power pack (one of those 1000 amp battery jumpers)
spare axleshafts, front and rear
spare driveshaft
extra yokes
spare tire (besides the spare on the jeep)
extra transfer case...I know, but just in case
extra gas cans
extra starter (just started carrying this)
extra ign. module

I think thats most of the crap I carry, still it never fails that I need something I don't have.


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Roy, Is the beating device used to take out frustrations on the spotter who just guided you off the rock onto your side? Or would it be to silence the guy poking fun at you after sliding off the rock and onto your side? HeHeHe /wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif

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Good inputs! Beer's a givin' BTW, What's a worm gear clamp?

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Good ones so far! I forgot about my jumper cables, current tester, misc. nuts and bolts, jack, tire tool and some type of wheel chocks that can also be used after the beating device has been broken or lost. I like the tire plug idea!

Worm gear clamp...hose clamps... whatever they're called. They're are handy little suckers. They're at every parts store. You know...the shiny metal band that you tighten with a screwdriver (there's the screwdriver showing up again) Get an assortment of sizes.
I did forget the rags and hand cleaner on my list. "Beating device" is a DEFINATE must...for each of the reasons you mentioned :)

The best list I have ever seen is at the Sidekick web site. Just makin' it a nice clicky link... /wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif


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"Clicky" 's cool Sandman...

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No matter what you take, you wont have what you need.
Just make sure your CB works.

All the above lists are good; I would make sure I carried a folding shovel (what us vets call an entrenching tool) and 3 or 4 pieces of 3/4" plywood to be a base for the jack on soft terrain./wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif
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If you search this board we had a lengthy thread on this issue a while back, that will give you more ideas.

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