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Found a stupid little pull button on the Tracker I sold to a real nice guy from Minnesota Jerry H. Couldn't figure out how to put a auto into neutral once the key was removed. Found the button pulling the interior and walah!!

Thanks for all the help guys!!!

Remaining parts posted on ebay today, wish it wasn't so damn cold I would have pulled the driveline and motor for parts but we have been hovering around 5 degrees for the past few days and I need my garage back.

Oh, well will find another for a lowever mileage motor.

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hey scott, thanks again for the tracker and the help loading it up. scott isn't kidding about the temps. by the time i got home last night from scott's place it was -20 windchill and -4 actual temp!

pulling up some of those steep river bluffs it was 3rd gear foot (5sp)to the floor and about 35 mph.....but my bro's ranger averaged over 26 mpg with the 3.0 v-6

also scott, you need to fire up a digital camera and take some pics of your absolutely flawless samurai.
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