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TeamRush For President!! Tonight I just installed the TR ignition upgrade on my 258. Who needs Weber, Mopar MPI, Howell or Holley? I cannot believe how much of a difference that ignitin upgrade made. With the rest of the engine still stock, including the BBD and old ungapped plugs (they will be replaced tomorrow) that 4.2 happily motored along at 75 mph (even uphill). It NEVER could have done even 60 mph downhill with the wind since I put in the 4.46 gears. It would cough, spit, sputter and lose power. Not anymore. TeamRush, You DA Man!!


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does anyone have part numbers for a screw attached cap adapter for the v8? i can only find the clip style.

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Thank you one and all. You are very welcome.

Ford never mad a screw down adaptor for a V-8. The screw down adaptor is for the I-6 engines.
The regular V-8 adaptor will work on any jeep with an AMC V-8 from 78 to 90.
If you have a V-8 with a screw down cap, it's not a motorcraft distributor.

The cap adaptor you are looking for only came out for part of two years, 81 and 82 on the 300 CID Ford Engine.
Look for a 81 or 82 Ford F-150 pickup with 300 cid I-6 engine. That should be the adaptor you need.

Later folks,

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