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Hey fellas,

Been searching the bulletin board for anybody that has grafted in Toyota hilux/truck (whatever) springs into a Jeepster. I did an SOA on my '72 and replaced all four springs with new HD units (with military wrap on 2nd main) from Specialty Parts (RIP), but still had axle wrap. I don't want to pay for new custom stock springs AND the spring over, SO I was thinking since the hilux is similar(?) in weight and already configured for SOA, the wrap wouldn't be a problem, PLUS I could move up in 2-inch increments if I want to get just nutty with the rubber (37s or 38s). Finally, Toy springs are cheap and plentiful to come by...

I have not compared a stock Toy spring to a stock commando spring (my new Jeepster is a '70), so I don't know if the arch/length/chord (cord?) junk is even in the ballpark.

Maybe more trouble than it's worth??

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David's 4x4Spot Toyota & Jeep Site has all the tech info you could ever want on Toy springs. Check here:

and here:

Acc. to a previous post, Jeepster rear springs are 2.5" wide, 56" long, center bolt offset: 23"/33", and the spring rate is 266 lbs. Not sure about the fronts, but I'm sure someone here knows and will post it.

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It would be a lot more simple just to fab a traction bar or mix some springs till they don't wrap. Another main leaf with the eyes cut off and an original 2nd leaf on top of the pack will control axle wrap if you use spring clamps as well. A ladder bar is easy to make and is the most effective way control axle wrap, there are several articles out on the subject, search around.

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Anytime you do a spring over your going to run into axle rap. I recently done a spring over on a 71 Toyota Land Cruiser. I made the spring perches six inches long and that took care of a little rap, but still ended up putting a third link on the rear.

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