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Can any of the junk yard scroungers out there near big junk yards find me the items listed in the sentence that follows from the North Coast Off-Road technical article except for the carburator. I don't mind paying for the items and your time. Tired of a cold weather idle of 3000 rpm until the old Zuk warms up....

I've got a new rebuilt carb....
NEED from 1978 Toyota Corolla 3K-C 1.2 earlier or later with same motor ok as well I suspect...
throttle cable bracket
throttle return spring
throttle return sping bracket
& the fuel line inlet to the carb....

Thanks.... Oldfartzuk....

When you get your carb, if lucky enough to find one in a junk yard, you need to get the carb, the throttle cable bracket, throttle return spring bracket, and the fuel line inlet to the carb.

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Oldfart- the brackets and inlet didn't come with my junkyard toy carb even though I asked

A throttle cable bracket isn't too hard to cobble up, here's a pic of what I did.

Also the fuel inlet tube needs a flare, I found a short straight metal line with a flare end that worked at a local parts store, may have been brake line??

My carb is a manual choke model and I mounted it 180 from the NCO article.



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