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Toyota 4Runner Rock Crawler Tow Rig

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Toyota 4Runner Rock Crawler Tow Rig,1&item=4562507781&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT

Item number: 4562507781

Just wondering if you guys could help pass this around for me. I have had this 4runner since 1992. I am selling it in order to get more cash to finish building Ed's jeep back up. The thing runs great and will pull a car hauler with out any issues. I have put well over $30,000 into this thing over the years not including buying it. When I first started the build up I will admit I was not very good at keeping receipts, but the ones I still have come to over $15,000 worth excluding the purchase price. There is not a drive train component in it with more then 17,000 miles on it including the engine, trans and t-case. Every dime from this is going to go into rebuilding that totaled out jeep. I hate to part with it but the jeep will mean a lot more to me when it's done.

I will also deliver this from Eau Claire Wisconsin to where ever you are for $0.50 a mile one way (mileage will be per map Quest) to anywhere in the continental US! Just let me know so that I can arrange time off of work if your way out there.

Feel free to email me at [email protected]
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