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I have an '89 2wd Toyota pickup, manual Trans with 22re. It started with having very low compression inside the #1 cylinder. I troubleshot down to the head gasket, replaced head gasket with no problems. After finally getting the timing to be correct, allowing the truck to run good enough for road testing, I still have some issues. When I slow-down to turn or stop at a signal the RPMs drop down to around 250 and sometimes dies or corrects itself and brings the idle back to 1000. This only happens after the truck warms up or when it's fairly warm outside.

After reading several forums, I decided to check the following: valve clearances, spark plugs, plug wires, vacuum leaks, vacuum hose placement, TPS, trouble codes. I did find that my TPS was loose. Removed Throttle body to inspect and found it to be filthy. I cleaned the Throttle body and adjusted the TPS according to the factory but this didn't help me, in fact it created a different problem.

After adjusting the TPS, at mid-throttle the engine sounds like it is stalling and then if I open the throttle all the way, it stays on. It's so bad; I couldn't test drive to see if I fixed my original problem. I reset all the codes after I installed the new head gasket so currently there are not any codes showing up just yet. I don't know what to check next can anyone help me out?

Thank you

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