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towing with a chevy 2500 ???

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I asked a few days ago about a Ford 150 for a DD/tow rig but after checking it out today I had to pass (major steering and rear end issues) but I may have come across a Chevy 2500 for a decent price so I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them. The only experience I have with Chevy trucks was my old 66 pickup with a 327 so I'm not really sure what to look for in a newer one. I will have to tow a dual axle trailer with surge brakes and a 3900lb Jeep on it for a trip from NJ to Georgia in a few months so I need something pretty beefy that will also serve as a DD. I also need 4WD for surf fishing, snow, camping etc... The truck I am looking at is an 88 2500 extended cab 4WD with a 350 and a 5spd. It looks in pretty good shape but I don't know what to check out on the IFS or transfer case? What tranny is in this, NV4500? Is it powerful enough with only the 350, anything to watch out for? Whats a good price, $2500? Thanks much for any help
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Well I can't tell you much about independent suspensions, other than I don't like them for their limited ability to get me where I want to go,
. But thats just me.

I like chevy trucks if I don't have to tow with them, they ride good and handle good.

The 350 motor is great if it pulls just the truck, add a trailer and you creep around and burn a ton of gas.

My Jeep weighs in at 4500lbs. I flat tow it.

I also live in AZ where a lot of my towing is in the mountains, and my towing experiance with Chevy is long. Ford or Dodge will out do the Chevy, But that said, all my experiance has been with carbed or TBI motors, other than the one TPI injected Ford, (now that was sweet).

Currently I have a 350 powered Chevy 1 ton that is lacking when I flat tow my Jeep in the mountains.
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