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What does everyone think of towing a Jeep using a towbar. I have a trailer and that would obviously be better, but what about when I drive
the Jeep somewhere and break it and I have no trailer with me? What would be the best way to tow the Jeep, transfer case in neutralor what?
The Jeep is an 83 CJ7 with a 350 and a th350 auto, dana 300 transfer case.

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You shouldn't flat tow a Dana 20 or Dana 300 for any distance (more than 10 miles, I'd say) without dropping the rear drive shaft. The rear output bearing doesn't get enough lube unless the whole thing is turning which just increases drag. The rear shaft should only take 5-10 minutes to drop out and saves a lot of wear and tear on the tranny and x-fer. I have towed mine (Dana 20) across the country a couple of times with no problem, although someday I want to build a trailer just to make things easier on the tow vehicle. There is also an "oil paddle" mod that I have seen done to Dana 300s that is supposed to splash the lube oil up into the bearings.

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I have flat towed my CJ with the Dana 300 for 5 hrs continously. I have experience no problems what so ever. I tow probably a dozen times a year, the shortest distance being 1 hour. Maybe I am lucky. I was not aware of the controversy until recently.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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