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I have a 1997 Jimmy and I think that one of my torsion bar crossmember mounts is about shot, judging by the clunks that I am hearing. Is there any difference in the mounts of the new bodystyle against those of the old bodystyle? I think there is, and am just wondering what needs to be replaced on the new bodystyle's mounts. I am an amateur mechanic and want to do this replacement myself, so anyone who has replaced the mounts on a new bodystyle, let me know what needs to be done. Thanks for the help.


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Haven't done the work but here's some things I learned through reading and this BBS:

The torsion bars are under a very nasty preload. If you just try to unscrew them chances are you will lose a hand. You need a special tool (or backyard mechanic equivalent) to release the load on the bars safely.

The end (towards the back) of the torsion bar mounts look like they have some kind of end link to let them flex a little and stay mounted. These are what break most of the time, along with the socket. Chances are, after you pull them off and really check them, this is what you will find!

I sort of wish I could do these torsions like I had my old Toyota. On my toy I could just unscrew them and pull them out, no risk of serious injury. The back mount was set securly in place with a good socket that was integrated into the crossmember; not merely riding along with it.

At any rate, if you don't have one I highly suggest you get some shop manuals to give you more information!

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