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Ok, here is my dilema. I am going to upgrade the suspension on my 92 4.0 YJ, and I am looking at the Warn XCL, Old Man Emu, or a combination of some national springs and ranch 9000s. Does anyone know the spring rates of the Old Man Emu set up? Could I do better for less going with a set of National springs and Rancho shocks, or should I just bite the bullet and get the Warn XCL (which is probably a little more than I need.

I am looking for somewhere between 2.5 to 4 inches of lift, that will give me good articulation off road and a nice smooth comfortable secure ride on road.

Any advice and or ideas, thoughts etc would be great, I don't want to get an ulcer over this decision, and it feels like I am.



First the Warn kit is $3000 mainly because it MUST be installed by a certified warn dealer to keep the warranty. nationals can be built to fit in your stock spring configuration and provide a RTI of 1000 easily. there is also the option of spring over but that is more lift then your looking for

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