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Too Much Voltage??

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I found a whole new top end for my 95 Blaster. So I am thinking about dumping some money into it after I finish up my KX250. I had some spair fog lights from my truck lying around and I decided to bolt them onto my quad. I bolted them on thru the front fender brakets so they are on top of the plastic. And it looks identical to a Banshee, other than not having the huge radiator. It looks pretty bad ass. But does my engine have enough juice to put out those two fog lights? Would I have to worry about it having too much power that it would fry my CDI Ign.?? Or would I just be better off on buying a battery for them? Also what would be some good mods to make it faster? I got new tires, FMF Pipe/Silencer on it now. And I took some stock LT250 handlebars off my friends old quad and stuck them on my bike and I noticed alot more comfort. So all you Blaster owners should try that out. They are wider than the Blaster ones and have a better bend to them. Well thanks for your help and let me know on those lights!! Thankz!!

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The Blaster has a 45 watt stator. It can't handle anymore then that. Most likly your fog lights are 50-55 watts each, so it can't power one. No you won't blow your CDI out. The ignition and lighting are two entirely different systems.
Sure you can add a battery. But there is no way to charge it from the bikes system, and with a battery that will fit in the batttery box and 100 watts of lights, you got maybe 20 minutes of lights.

Good tip on the LT handle bars.

Check out BC for some good mods.


it's possible your stator could be rewound to give more power....i know UK specialists,but try your motorcycle press!

One 'trick' is to wind a separate coil on the stator (i don't know if that's phsically possible on yours...i'm more motorcycle elctrics) and then use that to run your lights off AC power,with a regulator

also,considering you probably won't get enough power for two 55W foglamps,you can get 10 or 20 Watt halogen 'sidelight' bulbs....not so bright for vision,but good enough for effect!

i have done exactly what you are talking about and it doesn't work. you will have very dim lights. you neeed to have the stator rewound or buy one that has more output.

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