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I had 4 t-cases in my basement last month, a 83, (2)84's and a 87, the 83 has a lower gear reduction than the 87 but the internal shafts are smaller, the 84's have the same ratio as the 83 but they have bigger shafts (The same size shafts as the 87) that is why you can use a 84 t-case for a rocklobster project but not the 82/83. The babylobster is a t-case from a 1984 to about 1985&1/2, than they changed to a higher gear ratio. Hope this helps!

Rodney C
Money Pit: 1985 CJ7 302 V8, T18, D20, D30, AMC20, SOA, Shackles Reversed, 35" BFG AT's, Fiberglass Tub & Front End, And, And, And.........
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