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Too much oil

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I had the oil on my YJ changed at one of those ten minute places Saturday and when I got home I noticed they overfilled it about a half a quart past the full mark. Will this hurt anything? Should I drain some out? My oil pressure runs at about 40 normally and about 45 now.

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You shouldn't have too much of a problem with it. In extreme cases the crank whips it up into a lather and you lose oil pressure due to aeration or FOAMation. I can't remember when it went into practice ....but at one point the dip stick started to sport and new line on it reading "SAFE DO NOT OVER FILL". I don't know for sure why it came into practice but I IMAGINE that it was the collision of two trends in the automotive industy .....the lowering of the profile of the smaller cars (oil pan size restrictions) and the mass adoption of central oil dispensing systems that are less than perfect in accuracy.
Anyone else know "The Real Story"?
The only time that this created a "symptom" for me was in my 78 BMW 320i .......when I let off the gas at 5500 rpm in one of the lower gears the vacuum would apparently draw oil by the control and compression rings and give me a little puff of oil smoke upon reapplication of the gas pedal.......besides a little detonation until it cleared ill effects were disappeared when the level reached normal ...which was the next oil change.


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If you want to lower the level a little, take off the oil filter and dump it out and put it back on. That should be about 1/2 a quart.

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