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Has anyone got any info on the show and swap meet held every year on Fathers' Day weekend ? I've tried getting info from the Jeep Registry (of which
I'm a dues paying member) Actually i don't see much need in a club or 'registry'
that won't even correspond when their members contact them....makes you
sorta wonder what you payed for (oh yeah, I forgot, I did get a little type written
newsletter of OUTDATED events and classifieds) oh well, live and learn (or not,
this is the second time since the founding, that I have'll be the last)

Sorry, let me get down off this soapbox, that's not what I came here just
came out....thanks for letting me vent.

Seriously, if anyone has or gets any info on this weekend for sure, please post.
I have, as have some more of my friends, already put in for vacation for this event and now can't find anyone who knows anything about it....Toledo website doesn't list it and the person we talked to at the host motel for last years' event didn't know about it.....So, any Jeep detectives out there? Maybe it's not happening this year? Thanks all.


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I honestly don't know what goes on there. I'll keep my eyes and ears open and inform everybody here of anything I find out. My M-I-L lives in T-Town and reads the paper from front to back every day. I'll ask her to let me know anything she sees.

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