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To Sell or Not To Sell

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What should I do? I have an 86 CJ-7 Renegade. It has a 258, T5, Dana 300, Dana 44 (rear), 59K miles, A/C, Holley 390cfm 4bbl, aliminum head, Clifford intake and exhaust manifolds, Jacobs ignition, 2.5" lift, Rancho's, 32x11.50's, hard top, soft top, and bikini top. I love this vehicle and it is a good looking vehicle. The problem is it needs 3 new lifters, a new cam, a radiator, water pump, oil pan gasket, distributor gasket, main seal, and rear seal. It will cost about $1500 to repair it all and there's no garauntee I won't need more work down the road. This is my second Jeep so I am well aware of what I was getting into when I bought it. It's my daily driver and I'm getting tired of the constant repairs.

Help me here. I'm down in the dumps and very close to sticking a For Sale on it. I've been looking at the new Grand Cherokees. Everytime I see one I think about how comfortable and maintenance free I could be. But then I wake up and think, hey, I'm in a CJ, what could be greater.

Someone talk me out of selling it, please.

86 CJ-7
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My wife has had two Chrokees. One was a '92 Laredo and the other was a '95 Grand Cherokee Laredo. Both broke often and parts are really expensive. You won't be doing yourself any favors by switching to Cherokees. You will probably lose more than $1500 just by selling your Renegade in the shape it is in. Go ahead and spend the money. If you still want to sell once the Jeep is fixed I am sure you will get your $1500 back. Besides Grand Cherokees are like luxury vehicles when compared to an old CJ. You'll be afraid to take it off the pavement.

Stay with the Renegade.....

No offense to Cherokee owners. After all I am an owner too.
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1985 CJ7 4.2L, T-176, Dana 300, 2.73 gears(too high), 2.5" lift, 31" tires, Durabak
How about finding a Grand with a 4.0 in a yard and swapping that into your CJ...then you get a little of each.../wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif
I have a '95 Grand (V8) with 110,000 miles on it and the only major things I have replaced on it is the water pump and a seal on the tranny. It has been very reliable for me.
I still wouldn't give up my CJ for the world. Keep it for a project vehicle if nothing else. Looks like you already have a very nice one.

'79 CJ-7
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hey this is simple really, go to a wrecker and get a good running stock 258, drop it in there and get your rad redone, the rad is cheap, the engine won't cost that much and then you can drive it while you think on the trick motor.

whatever you do don't sell it, you'd regret it later on, you could buy another one to drive while you fix this one that way it dosn't matter if its broken for a while.

myself I will never sell my willys, I drive an old gmc all the time so if my jeep is broke the only think I can't do is wheel.

How do you figure it needs $1500.00 worth of work. You can do most if not all of the work yourself. Probably no more than $400 or $500.

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Why not just drop a fresh rebuild in it? A few days ago someone here posted a source for fresh 258's under a grand! That would more than take care of your problems, and all but guarantee that youi wont have engine problems again for a while! I'm not positive, but I think the price is $995, including shipping anywhere in the US, and a 1 year warranty! Don't sell it, you'll regret it. Check the site out though... Collins Bros. Jeep
Hope this helped, and Keep Jeepin'!

/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif Just think, Rico, three payments on that new ZJ will be equal to all the repairs on your CJ and....oh yeah, I forgot....there will be fourty-five payments left....but don't let a little thing like that affect your decision. Don't get me wrong, I love my Grand Cherokee, but that 30 thousand bucks is something to think about. /wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif

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To hell with talking you out of selling it.... How much do you want for it?

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You have a highly desireable last of breed vehicle. Keep it. Either buy a reman engine and drop it in yourself with help from a buddy or two, or fix the existing engine yourself. Odds are you have a friend or fellow club member who knows there way around an engine and can show you the ropes.

That's what the "Jeep Thing" is all about. If you use it, it's gonna need some attention sooner or later. Any vehicle will! If you buy a Cherokee, go off-roading-
it's gonna need some repairs too! and they'll be expensive also. I've yet to see a jeeper with a modified vehicle that didn't have more into it than he could
ever get out of it (money-wise). You've got a great Jeep! Keep it, pour a little heart and sweat into it, and you won't regret it.

Keep on Jeepin'
I'd love to have one of those. I wish I had some seeds for the coveted money trees. I've been pretty close to selling my pickup, but then realized it is a good vehicle, looks pretty good, decent off road, and stuff like that. And the real kicker for me was I looked at what I could get for it, and then looked at the price of other stuff, and every time I do this, the pickup starts looking really good again. /wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif You'll probably regret getting rid of the CJ7 if you do. Most of this stuff you can probably do yourself as I believe was mentioned by others, and save some cash. Especially if you have a different vehicle you could drive while you are working on this one. Shouldn't take more than a weekend or two. Good luck, I'm sure you'll make the right choice... /wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif


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Are you sure all those items are broken. You said it only had 59k miles on it. It still a baby have not even been broken in yet. usually wear like that does not start till way over 100k unless you been bad. Motor do require oil ever once in a while. You sure your lifter is not just loose and making noise.. It does not sound like major repair just a little maintances but ..... radiator $100 waterpump $50 lifter $3 cam you will not need a cam but anyway $75 that way less than $1500. keep the puppy

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If the CJ is paid off you are better off to keep it and get something cheap and reliable for a second vehicle.and fix the most important stuff first.that is the only way I could afford to keep mine.If It is not paid off yet than you have to do the math and figure what is the best way to go you probably will not get back what you put into itand will never find one as good that you can afford.

Part of the fun of being a Jeep owner (any Jeep model) is learning how to keep it running and/or modifing it. 59,000 miles is not a lot. That Renegade has a lot of life in it yet and when that runs out, you can rebuild it, just like thousands of Jeep owners before you. Keep it and do just that!

If you wish to and can afford it, buy a used Cherokee to go along with the CJ-7. They are good vehicles, too. Best of Luck!!

You're sounding like a real "the glass is half empty" kind of guy <grin>. Seriously, you might look at this
as an opportunity to drop in a V8. When my second 258 got a bad case of the blow-bys, I looked for and
found a TPI Chevy and a custom harness. The 258 had the same Holley four barrel you've got, but the
TPI Chevy was a big improvement even though it's only a 305.

If you don't want to do that, the 258 is not that hard to rebuild. Might as well do the whole bit since you
are going to take the head and pan off anyway. I built that second 258 myself and got 75k mile from it.

BTW - how much would the annual taxes be on that new Grand Cherokee. I only pay $12.50 a year on
my '80 CJ.

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