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HI, just the past couple of days at night when I start up my truck [3.? 86 MJ carberated]It starts fine but man I smell alot of fuel for a minute or two. I have not seen a leak and it does not happen every time I start it.. it takes about 7 hrs of sitting for this to happen when it does. I thought I was running FAT but the air mix is about only one turn. I leaned out my electronic choke alot so it really never comes on and I checked the fuel canister for wettness [Oh baby}thinkng the float could be hung and it should over flow thru the bowl vent I would think. ANY body a good carb guy??? how bout you xj173 or scram???

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MJ, I've had the very same symtoms twice in the lifetime of my 86 2.8 XJ. Both times it turned out to be the fuel pump diaphram leaking intermittently. The new mechanical pump is a bit more expensive now than the first time it happened to me, about 10 or 11 years ago now. I'm told it is because engines with mehanical pumps are getting rarer these modern days of fuel injection. Good Luck!!/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif
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