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TJ Windshield Wiper Motor Access ? ? ? ? ? ?

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so i was driving along happily in the rain today....when my windshield wipers suddenly stop in the middle of my windshield!....

i checked the fuse and its OK, next im going to check for voltage to the motor, then either replace the motor, or hunt down wiring problem...

my question is, how do i access the i right in my guess i have to remove the pannel in front of the winshield that has the air inlet on it ? or do i have to take aparet my whole dash..

i think this is different from CJ and YJs that had the motor right behind the steering wheel..cuz i didnt see a motor when i looked behind my dash, but i could be wrong too

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looks like i guessed my day consists of hunting in the morning, and then working on the jeep in the afternoon! woohoo!
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