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I just did my drum brakes yesterday (my first time doing drums) on my 98 TJ. I
am pretty sure I did everything right, but I was rushing to finish in daylight
and it was quite cold. Well maybe not so sure.

I didn't cut my old drums as I am getting new drums today. However when I
drove it to work today I heard a cyclical grinding. I am pretty sure it is
coming from the driver's side.

On the passanger side I don't remember which side has the smaller padded shoe
but the front side contains the emergency brake hardware. On the drivers side
the smaller padded shoe is on the rear side and it contains the e-brake
hardware. I did the driver's side last and I am pretty sure I replicated the
way it was originally.

Again I think the grinding is coming from drivers side.

I double checked and everything is seated properly. Also the adjuster is turned all the way in and I have almost no resistance when pulling off the drum.

Any ideas?

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Mark F.

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I redid the brakes on the TJ last year, and I remember they were the same as all the drum brakes I have done. On the other jeeps, all of them, I have written (inside the hood, fenders, manuals, drum, etc) LONG SHOE REAR, as I have made this mistake many times. Believe it or not, this has helped me do all my drum brakes, except for the Mazda, where both shoes are the same size. Maybe that's why it took me 3 weeks to put new brakes on it.

Another little reminder that has helped me working on the jeep. It's welded into the floorboards (for gription) and says, "TIME TO DIG YOUR FINGERS OUT". What an awesome motivator, all I have to do is look down and smile...

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