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I think that 19/20 is quite a bit generous. I had a 97 TJ with a 2.5L back in '97 and while I dont remember exactly what kind of mileage I got, I do remember being amazed at how poor it was. You have to remember, driving a Jeep is like pushing a big cracker box through the air. Look into the 4.0L, I wouldnt be surprised if they got better mileage. Not to mention the 2.5's performance - or lack of. Here is something that has baffled me to new heights; I just replaced the 2.5L in my 92 Wrangler with a TBI 350, and Im actually getting BETTER freeway mileage. Its only marginal, but hey, I'll take it!

Holy sh*t thats a long way down!

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Our '97 with 3.54's, 31's, 4.0 , 5 speed and a heavy foot gets 17 routinely with as much as 19 on the highway. It's nevr gotten below 16 though, even warming it up in the winter.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts