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TJ Front Hub Assy's

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TJ Front Hub Assy\'s

Anyone have any experience with the front hub assemblies on TJ's? My '97TJ has about 74k miles and I am about to do new brakes/rotors/drums/shocks/etc. on it. Repair manuals say the Front hubs cannot be serviced - to replace entire assembly. How long should they last? This is mostly "pre-emptive" to prevent disassembly in the near future.
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Re: TJ Front Hub Assy\'s

My wife's were still good @ 75k before I ditched them for the Warn hub conversion. They're about $125 each last I checked I don't think that you want to do any pre-emptive/proactive replacing there. Not much to the job. The hardest part, besides hammering off the rotor, is that the three bolts that hold the hub assembly tend to corrode a bit.
Re: TJ Front Hub Assy\'s

And when you put them back in, think "Anti-Seize." Lots of it. Makes things easier if you need to remove them later.
Re: TJ Front Hub Assy\'s

Check some of the boards and ebay, there are usually some out there for pretty cheap that you can get that have low miles on them.
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