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TJ drive shaft angle

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A friend of mine is having a problem with his drive shaft. He has 98 TJ sport with a RE 4.5" lift on it. The CV joint in the driveshaft went south with less than 10K miles on it. I suspect it's the angles, and will be working on it Saturday. Without the SYE I know that we shoot for parallel within 3 degrees, but what about the CV drive shaft?

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With the CV at the xfercase end you want the driveshaft to point at the center of the rear u-joint in the CV.

Point the pinion shaft at the transfer case. That's one way to say it, but a little more detail might be helpful.
Drive shaft with U-joint U-Joint: The drive shaft angle has to be split evenly between the two ends of the drive shaft.
Drive shaft with U-joint CV: The U-Joint end needs to be straight with the pinion shaft. An angle of 3 or 4 degrees maximum, and that angle needs to be in the direction so that as more weight is put on the Jeep, the angle gets less and less. The other end of the drive shaft, the CV end has ALL the angle of the drive shaft.
Most of the CV joints for the TJ have the flush mounted grease fittings, not a normal Zerks. The CV joint NEEDS to be greased REGULARLY. That's usually the reason they have to be replaced - no grease.
Hope this helps.

Doug '97 TJ
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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