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tj 3\"body lift

has anybody had problems with proformance automotive body lifts (installation mainly) iput one on a 98 tj yesterday, and had to do a few mods to get it to work. mainly with the x-fer case pivot bracket. it seemed to make the linkage (lower) from pivot assy. to x-fer case about 3/4 inch short .wouldn't let go into 4 low, what i did was to cut linkage in half, thread both cut ends put in a 3/8 threaded rod coupler and two 3/8 nuts. i put one 3/8 nut on one side then the coupler , threaded the other nut on the other end and then into the coupler . now it is adjustable and the 3/8 nuts lock it in place.

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Re: tj 3\"body lift

My YJ didn't care for 4L after my 3" body lift, 4H went fine. I had to do some engineering on the braket to get it to go.

Big Ed
'88 YJ, 4" susp, 3" body, 33's, 283 Chevy V8, TH350, 4.11's, D30, D35c
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