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I seen this on topic list though it might be something that would help you out and in your price range.Not sure if its what you want but heres what the post said!!!
[email protected] wrote:

I have four Mickey Thompson Baja Belted's for sale mountedand balanced, they
are from when I only had a shackle lift, only used 5 months 90% tread left.
they are on stock Sammi wheels, Size 27x 9.5x15,if anyone wants them let me
Hope this helps you if not i hope you find some tires soon!

QuadZuki,87 spoa,33"wild countrys

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Awsome! i will give that guy a hollar

thx quadzuki!

Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.
Yah it stinks and is giving you a headache it's a desil
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