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I am trying to go with a new lift that will allow 33's. I just found out
that Mickey has developed a radial version of its claw, I WANT THEM. The
only problem is that they only make the tire in a 35 inch size. I have a
2.5" Rancho lift on the CJ-7 now accompanied by a shackle lift; there is
no rubbing with 33's on it already. I want to either use a new suspension lift to fit the tires, or
maybe go spring over with my current suspension lift. Does anyone make a
suspension lift that will take 35's for a reasonable price, and how much
lift would be made if I went spring over with the 2.5" Rancho springs and stock axles?
The Mickeys are also over-rated in tire height. The 33 is not quite a
33" tire. I am trying to find an actual measurement on the 35 so I know
what I will be dealing with. Any suggestions or comments?

Lee R. Byrd

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A 4" suspension lift with a 1" body lift will clear most 35x12.50s on a CJ-7 with wide track axles. 2.5" springs with a springover will get you between 6-7" of lift, plenty for any 35 or 36" tire.

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