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tire size

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My friend has an 03 Ranger Edge and wanted to know what was the biggest tire he could fit w/out a lift. I did a quick search and got some discrepencies. Some said a 29 inch and I saw up to 31x10.5 So if anyone has some info on this I'd appreciate it.
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by the way, in case it matters, it's a 2 wheel drive ranger

thanx again
what size wheels, are they 15 or 16" wjeels?
sorry i left that part out, they are 15 inchers, thanks
Well 29's fit well under a B2 with only minor rubbing. But since his Ranger is a 2wd, I would go with something smaller.
235x75r15 is basically a 29x9.5, it should work. BTW, these fit on my stock ranger fine, I now have 31s with a 2"
spring and they dont rub on 15x7"wheels
thanks for the replies

yeah, i was gonna say aren't 235/75/15 already about 29" so he can't go larger than stock w/out rubbing or a lift?
MAybe a 30x9.5, but i think this would be the max for 2WD
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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