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while back i bought 4 tires made by Kelly,60,000 tires that started to crack/split open near bead at about 40,000 miles.Replaced them
with different tires from a differnt company and just forgot about them.still have them tho.Well found out today thru a ASE mech/tire buyer
for his shop those tires were all recalled (before) i bought seems the place i got them kept and sold them anyway.Is there any
recourse on compensation,or would it even be worth the effort now? FYI they were 215x70x15's sold under the name "Republic" manufactured
by Kelly springfield and sold by "Quality Farm & Fleet"


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If you have the bill of sale and can prove there is only 40k on them and they had been recalled before buying them (probably a lot number involved) then maybe you have something to talk with them about...

It can't hurt to talk to them... Worst thing they say is No, best thing is you get another set of use or sell.

Jim O'Brien
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Yeah that is about what i was thinking,do have reciept for em.But proving mileage etc.Probably a lost cause.Least maybe someone will read this
and be a little more careful than i was buying those.I wonder,is there any place you can find recall type info,good or bad info on this type
of thing?not just tires but anything

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