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Tire Carrier suggestions for CJ-7?

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I currently have a frame mounted inexpensive tire carrier, and I have a 31" tire on it. It said on it not to put anything larger than a 29" tire on it and I am starting to see why. It wobbles a lot. I am looking for a good quality, yet not terribly expensive tire carrier. It doesn't have to be frame mounted. I want it to be able to accomadate 2 Jerry cans for gas, and a nice feature would also be the ability to have a rack that can be mounted to it. (the one that goes over the spare tire.) I know that Tomken makes this setup, but I was curious as to whether there were any other companies that made quality tire carriers. Any input or experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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If you have a receiver hitch you can fabricate a very nice carrier with 2 x 2 steel tube. Weld a (about) 3 ft seciton to the end of a short section that inserts into the receiver. Weld an upright section that sits on the middle of the 3 ft section. Weld steel plates on near at sides, leaving room for tire. Weld another steel Plate at end for hi-lift jack. To keep the entire setup from moving it is necessary to drill a 1/2 to 5/8 inch hole in the receiver and thread it or weld a nut over the hole. tighten the bolt and run a lock ntu down against the unit and it will hold forever. You can also weld 2 upright pieces of 1 x 1 stock to hold a basket carrier that goes over the tire.
Sounds like a lot of work but it can be built in a couple of hours for about 40 dollars if you do your own welding or if you have a friend who owes you a favor and happens to be a good welder. The beauty of this approach is that you don't have to do all of the work at one time. Just make sure you have a good plan when you start

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I have a Canyon City 4x4 rack on my 83CJ5. It holds a 33, two gas cans, and a mount for a Hi-lift and lights. I rolled the CJ about a year ago and ended up with the cage and rack holding up the Jeep with no damage to the rack(fender and hood werent so lucky).


83 CJ5
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