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I used 1.5" square tubing I got from a machine frame that my company makes - got it for free. It was 3/16 wall I think, but I doubled it up (1.5" x 3") for the bumper and the swing arm, so it worked out good. My hinge is 2 pieces of 1/4" plate, one above and one below the swing out, using a 1/2" grade 8 bolt. Using the plates takes out any chance for sag, as the plates are sandwiching the swing-out part. The latch is another 2 pieces of plate, that the swing away swings between/into, with another 1/2" grade 8 bolt that gets put in with a hitch-type securing pin. Hard to describe in words, but hopefully you get the idea. I have pics, but haven't gotten 'em posted yet... :|


--+----************** ----+----
latch side******** hinge side


latch side*******hinge side

(I had to add asterisks - it didn't recognize the spaces - there's nothing where the asterisks are)

Good luck

88YJ, 4"susp, 33"BFGMT, 9k#winch, rear homemade swingout, reb.258, 999, 4.10, weber32/36, GMHEI.
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