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Tire Alternative

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Hey guys,

I'm doing a school project and was wondering if I could get some feedback from all of you. It's a college level project and if I get enough good feedback I make actually be putting the product into production. If any of you could just answer a few questions for me it would be greatly appreciated.

1. What set of tires do you currently have?
2. Have you noticed a substantial decrease in the fuel efficiency of your vehicle since switching from pavement tires to all-terrain or mud tires?
3. If so, does this bother you? Are you paying a lot more each month?
4. Do you have a separate vehicle for off-roading and for commuting?
5. If you had an alternative to off-road tires do you think you would use the same car for both?
6. If there was an alternative to off-road tires that still provided the traction and tread of your typical mud-terrain tire but completed eliminated the idea of rolling resistance and the consideration of fuel efficiency would you be interested?

Again guys, thank you so much in advance to anyone who answers the questions. Any responses would be a great deal of help and I truly appreciate it.

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