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time for paint

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I know that it will just get scratched and dented but at least it will look good till the first trail. any opions on color post a picture if you have it or should I just throw a cut of herculiner and call it good?

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/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif For some reason, when the Jeep is rolled over, the cooler is busted, and stuff is scattered everywhere, yellow really looks the best./wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif

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i don't know dave....i thought that when my axle u joint broke and tore out the ball joints and my front fiberglass fender was splintering...the white with blue pearl looked great....
actually i have allways loved black jeeps, but they show the damage the most.. and there are too many of them.....and ANYTHING but orange....especially pumpkin orange like jeepgod.... yuck!

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Try the readers rides section. There should be alot of different colored jeeps there that you can look at. Some tips; light colors show less body work, dark colors show more. Do you want a flashy color? (red, yellow, orange,etc) or less flashy (primer, black, grey, etc.) I would go for painting all of hte inside flat black and a neutral color for the outside like the new Desert Sand, or a medium grey, maybe the new medium blue that's out. Do you drive through brush? scratches could something to think about. Good luck, no matter what you choose, it's a jeep, it will look good anyway.

me i would go with orange.. but i am biased.. since its my favorite color.. but i will warn you.. if you go white with blue pearl.. it will look pink.. yes elusive your jeep is pink!! i am personally painting mine krylon pumpkin orange with dark blue tiger stripes... just thought i would be different. i also like the look of the bogger track across it.. my other jeep was silver.. was cool.. never showed dirt much.. or scratches.. only had to was her like once a year.. black i think is the worst.. looks cool but man it shows dirt like anything.. never again will i own a black vehicle.. and yes blue pearl over white is still pink!!!

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I used John Deere yellow and it worked great. At about 36 bucks a gallon its a bargain. I also added hardener to it. Looks great!

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