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After Pre-Running the Finke Desert Racetrack in my 88' (Solid Front Std) Dual Cab Toyota (Diesel) and breaking the shock mounts l have decided that l have reached and exceeded the 4x4 l have.
I am looking at building a new 4x4 that l can use to pre-run and maybe race as a Class 7 (Australia).
What l am after is advice on which 4x4 will do the job as a base to start from.
Things it needs to be able to handle:
1. Airborne, it has to be able to do small jumps with out breaking
2. Power, lots of grunt (V6??)
3. Desert, It has to be strong enough to handle trips into the desert regularly

Any advice that you people who are in this game would be greatly appreciated.



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Get a dare I say early 90's Ford Ranger.. Parts galore for them.. Every one in San Diego has one with fiberglass fenders and tube bumpers.. Don't know about down under parts availability but they are everywhere here in So Cal.. Next would be an early 90's Toy.. Lots of kits for those too.. Try these guys to start you out: http:// [URL] [/url]..... Don't know the rules for your Class but make sure of them first .. Also try and hit the monthly catalog.. Racers and pr runners ready to buy adn ship to you.. Have fun shopping..

-Troy 'WeaZle' McCarty

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Hi, Tbump, someone allready advised you to look at a Ford Ranger, and I agree with that. I have been racing a Ford Ranger in the Pure Stock class with Best in The Desert, Rob Reinertson(the team owner) and I, Armando Guzman got the class championship in 1998 and finished tied in points in 1999, the tie-breaker was the Vegas to Reno race, where we placed second. We also took 1998 and 1999 championships with Score International, driving a 1989 Ford Ranger 2WD. We recently acquired a 2000 Ranger 4WD, and both our Rangers will be for sale:a 1995 and a 1989, both with a 4.0 liter engine, best of everything on them. Last June 3 we raced the Baja 500, placing first in distance but DNF due to a very upsetting incident involving the mexican authorities. So there is something for you to consider. My e-mail: [email protected]

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