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this really stinks O.T.

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this is great,i just finished off my sammi (new lift-five-inch.body lift-two inch,new engine-2.8 v-6,bumpers,rock sliders,33-12.50 bfgs,warn winch,)and i had to go and blow my back out,and now i can't even get into the darn thing...
going to doc in morning to see what can be done,so far it looks like i'll be going under the knife.... well at least i can look out the window at the zook untill i'm better,
thanks,i needed to rant-and-rave alittle bit.

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sorry to hear that I'm in the chat room the rock zuks now if you want to come in.

sorry to hear that man. hope its fixable. your in my prayers man.
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Tough break, Jeff. Hang in there - hopefully you'll be 'wheelin in no time /wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif

OILBURNER [email protected] 1988.5 Samurai, VW 1.9L Diesel,
GRS II, Toyota Axles w/ locked High-Pinion Diff's w/ 5.29's,
BFG 35's and more....
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Very sorry to hear about your back. Hope that if you have to go under the knife, that they fix it and you are back in the saddle soon.

Sorry to hear of your mishap.I also suffer from a bad back that will require disc removal sometime next month.Make sure your drs get you some rehabilitation now before its to late like me.The back is a sensitive area once its been hurt.Take care of it right so it will intern take care of you -Good luck Wolfe~

88 Sam I AM(AKA-THROTTLE MONGER)- 1.3+.030,cam,462gears,locked,5in Calmini,2"body
31-10.50's.Yankee-offroad-Hood latches,Bumpers,Rails and armour,Tracker seats.................ECT.....
Been there, done that. And I wouldn't wish it on my enemy's dog. Hang tough!


'86 Samurai (no top, doors, radio, carpet,etc...)
'85 Grand Wagoneer (pretty much stock)
Just a little advice don't let them operate on you with out getting a second opinion,I have a bad back and know several guys with bad backs of the guys who had operations all of them say that having the operation was a mistake,each of them feel worse off after the operation.

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