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First I crack my timing cover and now this. I have a 1983 CJ-7, Rebuilt 258, TF 999 transmission, 3.31 gears, running 31 X 10.50's. There is no way I am stressing this rig very much.

I have had a sqeaking noise for about 2 weeks since I noticed that I cracked the timing cover and have been trying to figure it out. I finally narrowed it sown to the fly wheel area. I took the dust cover off and took a look nothing seemed loose. It seemed to get worse under a slight load and then quit as the load got heavier. It would not make this noise in neutral or park. I took it over to a friend's so he could help. We put it in a ditch so as to put it under a load and boom! I believe my torque converter seal blew from the pressure and dumped about 2 quarts of transmission fluid out. It would not go forward without the engine Stalling. It would go in reverse. I ran to Autojerks for some more fluid. Filled it back up and it is running fine. NO sqeak, No leaking!! What the hell just happened? I can not figure this out. Is my torque converter going out? It is having no problems shifting through the gears or reverse now. Should I get it to a transmission shop ASAP?

Any help greatly appreciated. Sorry so long.



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Now thats weird. Where did the tranny fluid come from?? At first I was thinking a cooling line, but it would be spitting fluid all over. Sorry I'm not much help.

You can take a small peak at the converter through the bellhousing cover, but you can only see it at a couple of spots where there are holes in the flexplate.
Is it still leaking??


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that fluid might not have come from the converter nozzle seal, it might have came from the VENT its right above the front pump, inside the bellhousing..

first, check to see if the fluid is at the proper level, and the filter in the pan isnt blocked.

how is the kickdown set up? is it shifting and otherwise acting normally? whats the trannys history? rebuilds? miles? how often do you service it?

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Maybe you flexed it up in the ditch and cocked the tranny a bit and
that let fluid past the seal??? Are the bellhousing and torque converter
bolts all tight? Let us know when you figure it out.


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I have never rebuilt the transmission. I do not know if it was rebuilt before I bought the Jeep a little over a year ago, but doubt that it was. When I rebuilt the engine from a junk yard (the guy that owned it put water in the radiator and did not drive it enough to remember that he did this when winter rolled around and it froze and cracked the block)I put a new torque converter seal in it while the motor was out. I changed the fluid and filter about 8000 miles ago. The fluid that was left in the transmission after the boom and the fluid shooting out looked and smelled good. The Jeep has 85,XXX thousand miles on it and was off roaded very little before I bought it. It down shifts normal and is not leaking any fluid. I have checked it three times today. The fluid shot out of the bell housing area as I could see it shooting out where I had the dust cover off. I checked the converter and the fly wheel and everything was tight. I guess I will call a transmission shop tomorrow and have it checked out. I have been 4 wheeling it every week end. Nothing to bad, mostly mud and water.

Thanks to those who have responded.



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Well, the squeaky thing happened to my Jeep a few months back, it would squeak as you take off, but if you really hammer it, it would be fine. You didnt really specify where the noise was coming from, but my problem was a bad U-joint, I didnt figure that out till it broke. I still have a dent in the tub :(

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