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i found this while trying to finds some parts. it's very important for folks like me who haven't even gotten that dream car/truck we so desire. the links for the letter and senator locator are at the summit website.

Stop Legislation That Threatens Your Hobby!
SOURCE: Summit Racing Equipment
RELEASE DATE: January 30, 2002
Akron, Ohio -- For years, the performance industry and enthusiasts like you have dealt
with government emissions and vehicle scrappage programs. They were intended to help
clean the air or improve fuel efficiency, but have often hurt our hobby by restricting
modifications or eliminating sources of parts. Thanks to combined efforts by the industry
and enthusiasts, many of these programs have been successfully modified or repealed.

Now, new proposed U.S. government legislation threatens to take state vehicle scrappage
programs to the next level. U.S. Senate Bill S.1766 contains a provision (Section 803) that
would allocate federal funds for state scrappage programs for vehicles more than 15
years old.

Not only does that threaten the existence of 1960s and '70s era musclecars, it also
means Mustangs, Camaros, Grand Nationals, Corvettes, and other performance vehicles
made in the 1980s could also be fodder for the crusher.

What's worse, non-performance vehicles that are an invaluable resource for engines,
suspension components, and other parts would also be subject to the program.

Summit Racing and others in the performance industry are working hard to amend
S.1766. But we can't do it without your help. Let your U.S. Senator know how this
legislation will directly affect you--print, sign, and mail them a copy of our Legislator Letter.
You can type in your Senator's name and your name right on the letter. If you need the
name and address of your Senator, go to for a list of legislators, plus
additional information on S.1766 and other legislation affecting our hobby.

Take a stand for your rights--write to your Senator today. Your hobby as you know it may
depend on it.

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