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I am contemplating on getting a "street" truck and selling the Bronco. I don't have that much time anymore to go out offroading so all my mods are going to waste. Maybe I should just let go and sell this to an enthusiast who can make use of it. Besides gas is killing me on this truck.

How much do you guys think I can sell this truck for...ballpark? I need an objective feedback since it has too much sentimental value to me so I will be overpricing it. Its my first baby :-(.

1991 XLT
120,000 miles 5.8
Gibson Cats and headers
Jacobs Ultra Pack
Detroits in the rear
Pwr-loks up front
4.11 gears
custom sound
Rancho 9000s with in cab remote
Cepek 6" lift
15" MT Alcoas
35" BFG MT

Your feedback is much appreciated

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I'd try to get $8-10K for it if the interior is tip-top and everything works. That's optimistic though, there are plenty available in the area for $5-7K. It will have to be the right buyer.

Side note: I'm meeting a few guys from FSB for a local half-day outing on Sat, Feb 14 if you're interested. It'll be all of our first time wheeling together.

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Thanks for the responses. I was afraid of that. Anything less than 7K I would probably just keep my truck and invest in making the interior newer and nicer.

I guess some new front seats and quieter tires, I'll be good to go again.

Bronco Pics


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That is a nice looking truck!
I bought my 95 XLT 5.8 for 6,500 in San Diego. It only had 65,000 miles on it. I think I got a killer deal. The guy I got it from only towed a small boat with it and never even took it int he dirt. You could sell yours for a bunch if you just wait and find the right person. Where did you get that bumper?

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Thanks. The bumper is from Ruenel. I got the fronts and rears from them. It's thick and heavy as hell. I had to beef up my front springs the first time they got installed because my front started dipping.

Yeah, the problem with our hobby is that the more we dump money into upgrades, that harder it is to sell because we never feel that we are getting a good return on our investment. I'm just going to find new replacement seats and upgrade my stereo. That should keep me going for a while.

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I would keep it, your truck is nice. Gas may be killing, but hows your truck payment? You shouldn't have one.

Besides, NADA on a 91 with 120k is $3018-4993.

Even if you said this truck is primo, and we adjusted partially for the value of locker, gearing, tires, (less than 10k?, otherwise this could be an issue with a buyer), stereo, bumpers, you would probably arrive at around $5700, and it would have to be the right buyer.
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