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Thinking About Buying Another Samari

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Hi All,

First off I'd like to say this a great site for information!

Now to the question....back in 2000 I bought a 88 Samari that had an apparent blown head gasket (water and steam coming out the exhaust pipe). I think I paid $500 for it. After taking the head off I decided that I might as well replace the exhaust valves and have the head rebuilt. After putting the head back on the problem remained. I once again replaced the head gasket and replaced the intake gasket several times to no avail. I came to the conclusion there must be a crack in the block between the cylinders and it has sat ever since.

The other day I decided to look for a motor for it. Found them used anywhere from $650-750. Then I saw a Samari with a 4 sale sign on it. A 87 that needs a new top, but other wise seems to be in good condition. There is some rust on the windshield area on the driver's side and it does have a noisy valve (adjustment maybe?). I talked the guy down to $490 for it. I'm considering going and picking it up this morning, but what I don't need is another Samari sitting on the property with more problems.

I have read the thread regarding the fuel pump problem so I will definately check that out first. I was wondering what, if any, are some other key items I should check before I give the guy the $. Thanks in advance for any information and once again...a GREAT site for info.
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There is some rust on the windshield area

[/ QUOTE ]
your in CA, I can imagine what "some rust" is

Probally the same as when I look at a samurai with "some paint"
All samurais have noisy valves, that seems like a good price
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