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Thinkin\' \'bout addin\' a Scout II to the stable

I've located a '77 Scout II with a 345 AT, AC, PB, PS. The extras include : casette w/ CD changer, rear spare/gerry can carrier, roll bar, soft top, brush gaurd, nerf bars, off road lights, power leather front seats, matching leather rear seat, mild lift, and alloy wheels with something like 33" tires.

The thing runs like a top. It seems to have a minor power steering leak(could be line or resevoir). It needs a battery. It has good carpeting throughout. It has been painted within the last few years. It does have some areas where the paint is chipped(mostly at seam between quarters and rear corners).

Let me begin by saying I know a lot about Jeeps. I know this about the Scout in question: It has Dana 44s front and rear, it has what I think is a torqueflite tranny, It has a TC-142 2 speed x-case.

I could possibly pick this up for $3500. This is one of the best cornbinders I have seen in the rust belt. Does this seem like a good deal and are there any issues to look for before jumping into this purchase.

Thanks for any help and I hope to be talking to you all more in the future.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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