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Well, before I order my glass tub I'd like to make sure all the
steering/suspension parts of my 84 CJ7 are right (with 4 inch suspension lift).
Here's a list of questions I have concerning suspension/steering modifications:

1: Should I use larger than stock bump stops? Anyone have a reccomended brand
and where to buy them?

2: I need to replace my stock pitman arm. (anyone need a used stock pitman arm?
) Wheres a good place to buy one? Anyone have one used for sale?

3: Shocks: Are the 4-way coilover shocks a good choice? Take into account
this is mosting going to be a street driven Jeep. Along with a steering
stablizer ( 4-way coilover also? I'll be using 35' tires )

4: Replace all the brake lines with longer ones also tend to lowering the xfer
case/trans to correct driveshaft angles.

5: I read somewhere that it is suggested that a when switching to larger
tires/V8 conversion, that the stock steering box and pump will wear out
prematurely. Is the AGR SuperBox2 and Superpump a good choice for mostly
street driving (anyone got one used, I doubt it but doesn't hurt to ask?)
Anyone interested in my used steering box and power steering pump?

6: Decided to replace the steering shaft while it's all taken apart. Maybe
this will help get rid of that "loose" feel. I had my eye on the Borgeson
heavy duty replacement shaft. (Anyone need a used steering shaft?)

7: Shackle reverse: I heard this was a good upgrade for street use. Anyone
produce one that's better than the others? ( Also TJ flare conversion for
maximun tire clearnace and looks)

8: Poly bushings for the entire suspension

9: Rear sway bar from 4wd hardware, keep my stock one in the front. Would the
sway bars have to be lowered in any way with a 4' lift? Would traction bars (
the ones that 4wd hardware sells "page 119" be a good saftey idea to prevent
wheel hop?)

10: For street use and 35's what's a good brand/lift shackle? I was thinking
about the 3/8's front and rear Con-Ferr Xtreme shackles? Bad choice?

Is there any other steering/suspension part I've overlooked that I need to pay
attention to? This is going to be my daily driver, so I need to make it as
streetable , reliable and handle the best it can. I plan on leaving the front
disc/rear drums stock until later for $$$ reasons. If anyone thinks I made the
wrong choice on something please let me know, as I can only afford to do all
this all once. If anyone has some suggestions for me please Email me and let
me know. This is my first ground up rebuilt. Any and all help is welcome and

Chad [email protected]
80 CJ7 (For sale, 258 I6, 4-speed, 33 x 12.5's)
84 CJ7 (project, glass tub, V8, 35's)

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Ok, here's my take on all that:
1. Avoid much in the way of bump stop extension, but if you go 4" lift with no body lift and 35s you will definitely need them.
2. Any of the 4by mailorder houses carry them.
3. Coilovers? Why? And why the expense.
4. If the Jeep is street driven only, by all means lower the skid plate with the t-case, on a Jeep that sees much off highway use,
lowering that is a BIG mistake for clearance.
5. On the street, absolutely no reason to change over, off road with a locker up front, darn good idea.
6. Hears many good things about them, never used their product myself, kind of pricey for a mostly low budget Jeeper.
7. The M.O.R.E. is a very good one, that's the one I'm getting when I go that route.
8. Make sure you grease them, or squeak, squeak.
9. Rear sway bar? Sorry, goes way against the grain for me.
10.ConFerr makes a good stout product, I have them on mine. Don't go extended, screws up your handling (the 3/8 ones aren't
extended, they are the shortest ConFerr makes.)

Brad (from the 4 Wheeling center of the universe, 4 corners USA)

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I have a 79 Cj 7 with 4" lift and shackle reversal. I will try to answer your questions with respect to what I ran into.

-I did not use bump stops. The travel islimited by the tire hitting the fender.
-Used a stock pitman arm and have some bump steer. Going to install a drop arm soon.
-I used a leaf spring lift, so I have no advice on the coil over shocks.
-I used longer SS brakelines (a must), and I also dropped the t-case skip plate. I still get some vibration, but I also have a very short driveshaft due to the TH 400 automatic tranny.
-I have toasted a steeting box already with my 33x12.5's. Super box is a nice swap, but expensive. I would just use the super box 1 though. I do not think the "sporty feel" of the variable ratio super box 2 is needed in a lifted jeep wth 35's. You would probably roll it over trying to feel the sport steering feel.
-Make sure the loose feel was not from the old steering box before you drop the cash on the new shaft, my sloppy steering is mainly due to my steering box.
-I have the shackle reversal and ould not recommend it to anyone who plans to do serious trail riding. The tires move toward the rear of the fenders, and rub the inner fender well in the front of the jeep. If you do reverse the shackle the TJ flares and lots of cutting will be a must. I am doing this exact mod presently, and hopefully it gives me more room for tires.
-I used poly bushings, and make sure you lube them or they will squeak and get on your nerves
-I am not running sway bars. I never have on either of my CJ's

I thing with lifting the jeep 4 inches and adding additional lift shackles to clear 35's you might have a rear drive shaft vibration problem that can be corrected with a CV shaft. I wish I had done this initially. Also is you lift 4 inches and add a front shackle reversal, you may need a new front driveshaft. I ordered a long travel front driveshaft from Tom Woods and have had no problems.



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I'm using leaf springs also, but everyone says good things about the Rancho 9000 and the 4-way coil over shocks. I like the idea of the Rancho with the on board adjustment feature (is this safe?), but then again people say the 4-way coilovers ( In Quadratec )provide a self leveling affect to control body roll and aid in cornoring (also mentioned in Quadratec's add for the product). They are $50 each, while is the Rancho 9000 shocks are $70 each (or am I looking at the wrong kind, 4wd hardware pg 125). I just don't want to make the wrong investment in parts that won't work with what I wanting to do with my Jeep. I had also read that if you switch to a shackle reverse and 4 inch suspension lift then you would have problems with the front drive shaft. What brand/length would you reccomend? I want to make sure all these problems are corrected before the tub is even ordered. I'm not worrying about money for this project, as I've been saving for awhile and I'm selling my 80 CJ7 to also help fund it. I want to do it right the first time, no expense spared, and leave all the little dress up accessories and "wants" for a later time as it seems to make it street worthy is gonna break me anyhow :) . Thanks

80 CJ7
84 CJ7


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I kind of got the idea you were confusing the accordion boot with coil overs when you talked about a coil
over steering stabilizer. That's just a dust boot, coil overs are kind of like MacPherson struts.


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No he is right there is a coil over steering stabilzer made by 4way. It is sold by quadratech. I really want to know if it lives up to there claims because it looks pretty cool. They say it aids in returning steering to center.

If you get it let me know how it turns out. BTW I don't see the need for coil over shocks in addition to leaf springs. If your going to street it only you might want to se if the edelbrock shock comes in a size that will work. Or perhaps rancho RSX. If it is only going to be on the street I don't see the need for rancho 9000's unless you plan on carrying heavy loads.



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That may be, but the Rancho 9000 shocks at $70 each, 4wd hardware pg 125, have an accordion boot
and are not coil over.


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I know it's just a boot, the coilovers I am refering to are sold by Quadratec and are on page 75 of their cataloge. I was just wondering how these would perform on the street compared to say the Rancho 9000/5000, Edlebrock, or say Elcheapo's you buy for like $15 each at autopart stores. Quad's ad reads "Eliminate swaying and diving when cornoring or carring heavy loads....Push pull action of springs create self leveling affect to control body roll. Helps prevent nose diving during hard braking."

80 CJ7
84 CJ7

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