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I have been fighting a idle problem since I got My truck
and had tried everything I knew ( not much!
) to correct
it with no luck. I had decided I would have to spring for a
new carb which was NOT in the budget right now. it was hard
to start,then would rev to about 2500 rpm's and hang there.
trying to put it into gear caused it to stall out.
well today, I was changing the leaky valve covers out for
a pair of Edelbrocks and found an open vacum fitting at the
base of the stock 2-barrel carb I had'nt noticed before,
no clue as to what it was supposed to go to,so I plugged it
and EUREKA! the idle dropped to normal,starts easy and
runs smooth as can be.anybody else ever run into this?


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on my old 79 f-150 i had it would do the same thing as it turned out it was almost all the hose they started getting dry rotted and had little pin holes/cracks in them replace all the hoses and ran fin up untill i sold it last i saw it the new owner trashed it out
on another note i think i have the same problem with my 82 f-150 but fixing that alttle differently got a ford racing aluminum intake and carb to put in it
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