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I saw a web site a while back that had about 10 guys with Hummers out in texas. They went through some gumbo mud. But, I'm questioning where the stuck pictures were cause you know that somewhere down the line they WILL get stuck.

As for a Disco, we got one stuck about a month ago. This one was a '96 Eco Challenge truck. We laughed alot then I went through in 2wd in my Pathfinder and another guy went in 2wd with his jeep. No problems. I guess experience is a major factor.

If I had to buy a rig all over again I would still get my Nissan. I just wish we had more aftermarket stuff.

(Please excuse the crappy picture)

'92 Nissan Pathfinder SE-V6 4x4
31x10.50 Crap tires
K&N Filtercharger
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Hummer...what a joke. A member of our Land rover club gave up his Series III rover for a Hummer. I dont know how many times he has been stuck, or things he has broken has cost him $1000 or more in repairs. Needless to say he wishes he had his rover back.

"the land rover defender 90 is the best off road vehicle out there"

It's amazing, dozens and dozens of different makes/models out there, and there is always somebody making a claim that theirs is the best.

"It's a Jeep thing... and I DO understand"
Duct tape, WD-40, and a BFH, what else do you need?
I would rather own a Unimog doublecab then a HumVee. Or the Gwagen. Orrr a 110 with ARB front and rear lockers,...grrr....grrr.....<incert heavy salavation like homer simpson.> As for being the best......mmm....i dont think so. I like Rovers but they arent the best. I have been to Africa several times and Australia and we will be going ti New Zealand soon. I also have several friends in these countries and they arent to fond of rovers. Statement made in Australia and Africa was they were British colonies and under British control so this vehicle was sold there and thats why it is seen in such force even though most wont buy them due to them breaking down so often. One of my friends in Western Australia said his wife wanted a Discovery so he agreed. It spend more time in the shop for repairs then in their driveway. Anyway if you like them then great. I like them too. But as for best 4x4 ever....hmm.... not so. Sorry if this ruffles some feathers.
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actually - in a way, you already have one - Rover was teh technical consultant on the SJ410 - I've sat a samurai frame next to my s1 80" frame, and they're almost identical. Biggest difference is the high revving super lightweight engine / tranny / t-case on sammy: I guess thats all that 35 years of technology could do to improve on the design!!

as for 'the best' - nobodys mentioned Nivas, Pinzgauers, or Volvo C303's...all of which are 'the best' for certain uses...and not normally available in the US.( hint before I get flamed - EVERY 'local color' type background shot I've seen of the Camel trophy, Eco challenge, etc has shown the locals driving Nivas in the background over the same terrain as their daily drivers...think about it)

nothings 'the best' - only the best for a certain driver, and certain terrain. officially, Unimogs ( w 4000+:1 low gear) hold the world record for un-assisted hillclimbs, and I think Guiness claims that Nivas hold the record for most 4x4 vehicles in a single production run ( ~76, to 97, with NO fundamental design changes)

put another way though - a $50k mercedes, or rangie is certainly not a better wheeler if you arent willing to take it to the edge...risking a $10 used sammy, or Niva happens all the many discos have maxed out their sidehill angles? fording depth? downhill gradeability? ALL of the above?

Chris (fanning the flames, as usual 8^D)
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The Pinzgauers are pretty cool. But I prefer the Unimog Crewcab. You can buy a restored Crewcab for about 20K with the highway tranny and if lucky the PTO Winch. Much better then paying 3 times that for a Hummvee.
Actually four to five times that for a Hummer...and maybe even more with similar equipment. I also like the G-wagen which has been around for years. I wouldnt also mind owning a Toyota Megacruiser. I have seen these in action and they are frickin awesome.
the 90 is definately a hardcore rig off the assembly line. My father owned one which he let me wheel and let my sister use as a daily driver. It was one of the first hundred to be imported to the us. (it has perks when your dad used to wheel land rovers in sumatra for oil exploration) Sad was the day we lost her. A guy clipped my sister on a country road, he was drunk. the 90 rolled a total of 6 complete times down a hill. It wound up on its side, and the worst injury my sister recieved was when she climbed out and forgot gravity would pull the door down on your head. Anyway, FYI, You can put a small truck box in the rear up against the front seats, and then install fold up seats behind that. Its a close fit, but its tres custom.
I'm guessing that robertlatham does not know much about offroading. I would love to se a hummer go up against a land rover or what ever. Hummers are just to big, to heavy and to low to the ground. I have seen to many hummers hung up. Not to mention when they get stuck there a bitc$ to get out. For how much you pay for a hummer you could buy a real 4-wheel drive.
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