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Ok,going to swap in a t case,i have heard about weak points in different cases,first of all weakness shouldnt be a problem as this is going in a Eagle
and wont see hard core stuff,also i dont care about the option of "dry road capability" so with that said,
Number one thing i hear is
that the clutch packs in some Jeep cases wear out in the 229-242 cases,anyone with first hand knowlege on this?

Second,in this car,would a 207 hold up as well as a 231? specs--> 258/auto tranny/3.08 gears 225x15 tires...mild offroading old roads
light mud 1 foot or less,snow up to 2 feet (if it ever snows again)

Third,am i right as to the only T case that has a locking HI and LO range that will fit a auto tranny 258 is a NP242 select Trac
besides the command trac models 207-231??

here is a chart where i got my data
any first hand info would be appreciated,thanks
P.S. are the Jeeps in the chat the only models to find the 207-231-242 cases in?

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Dana 300 came in CJ7s with auto trannys. It is gear driven. Will bolt up to a 904/999 or 727.

Brad (from the 4 Wheeling center of the universe, 4 corners USA)

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Hmmmmmmmm,are you aying that it is the dana 300 only that will fit 999/904/727 or are the bolt pattern/spline the same on 999/904/727?
I was under the impression a 9whatever and a 727 were different.As for a 300,yes i know a good case,but ones i see are way to much money
if you do come across one anyway.Here in Md where i live you buy whole junk jeeps for the price that most 300's sell for.
I can buy a 207 with drive shaft and lo miles for 50.00 But back to original question,do select trac Jeeps have clutches and do they not last?
That chart in the above url states that a Eagle 128 has a Open Differential in 86 well it does,but also has a clutch pack that i consider junk
cause it allows the car in 4x to sit and not pull AT ALL if any one wheel is off the ground,thats ok for people who stay onroad,i dont..And
i was looking for any first hand info on other cases with open diffs.or clutches(viscous couplings)

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