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I guess my lifestyle doesn't allow my Jeep to be a "daily driver" any more since I drive 123 miles everyday to work and back. Plus I have too many aches and pains for the beating they give. Probably from "the old days" when my daily driver was a 75 CJ5 renegade and I drove it 60 miles a day down one of those concrete highways with the tar strips every 25 feet. That was a very plush model, with Levi's denim seats, painted metal floor, the skinny plastic steering wheel that was about 2 feet across (manual steering), bias belted snow tires on the first aluminum wheels I ever saw. Oh yeah, one other thing......NO RADIO ! ! ! I used to run with a portable 8 TRACK / AM/FM radio (I still have it in my garage) nested in the passenger seat. I could hear it till I hit 60 MPH and then not until I hit the next speed zone..........

I sound like my old man talking about how they used to have to walk 30 miles to school barefoot in 6 feet of snow.........they were so poor they didn't even have dirt floors in the house. Had to hang from the window sills to keep from falling down into the basement...........

Loose nut behind the wheel
Another right-wing conservative.....
Born and raised in Jeep-Town
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