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The city is *forcing* him to sell his trucks! >:-(

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My apologies to everyone. I realize this should probably be in the classifieds, but as I understand it, time is of the essence! (and I'm not actually the one selling anything) I stumbled upon what can best be described as this guy's personal junkyard/collection. While driving around, I saw a truck for sale in front of this orange farmhouse and decided to stop for a look. Turns out he's got like 30 vehicles in the back! I came to learn that the city has taken him to court several times and given him an ultimatum to cull the herd. I eventually bought the truck from him for $350 and got great sheetmetal, a good engine, and other spare parts for less than the junkyard I was at the other day wanted for an engine! Who cares if it's 2wd, reverse doesn't work, the brake lights don't work, and the hazzards don't turn off! My current truck (4x4) is about to get new life breathed into her! I felt bad for him though and sorta volunteered my camera and computer to help him clear his yard (it's not a stretch to say the computer revolution left him behind ;-). So I snapped some digi pics and scribbled down some notes while I was there. He's also got scores of drivetrains and there must be over a hundred tires! The big stuff needs to go first so that's what this post is about.
So, who's looking for a body-donator or tow-rig?

His address is: 13315 Telegraph Flat Rock, Michigan (I'm not positive of the city, but he's just south of the Flat Rock Speedway). Or you could try calling. His number is 734-782-5434 and his name is Gerry. If you want any more pics, lemme know. I've got more shots of the cooler ones, plus I can always swing by again (I love walking around in his yard
). The way he describes it, the legal battle has been dragged out for so long now, the city could show up any day now with a bunch of tow-trucks.
I didn't verify if the ones he says "runs" actually run.

85; 1-ton, 2wd, runs, reman'ed v8 with headers, stake-bed (that is off to the side), and he does have the missing dually rear rim, parked for 1 week

85; v8, runs, sitting 5 months

there are two grey ones and I'm not positive which is which so:
one is an 82 with a 350 2barrel, 2wd, auto, runs, bench seat, parked for 2 months
the other is an 85 with a 4barrel, 2wd, auto, runs, buckets, parked for 9 months

85; v8, 2wd, auto, runs, industrial bed, parked for 2 months

85; 2wd, runs, v8, auto, fresh dark blue paint, bed not reattached yet, parked for 2 years

85; Cheyanne, 2wd, runs, parked for 1 year

79 GMC, 4x4, v8, auto, runs, parked for 6 months

Forgot the year; 2wd, v8, auto, runs

75 Buick La Sabre, convertible, says it drives great

Even a couple of Fiat Spyder projects, the blackish one runs

And he also has a rusty 85 Camaro, 81 Trans Am minus engine, and a few S-10s and other odds and ends (like a mid 70s 4x4 frame/drivetrain with no body). Well worth a stop by if you're in the area.

(I was told that the following were NOT for sale, but I gotta imagine everything's for sale if the price was right.
These would just be much harder to get. No promises though.)

This SS has a 502 marine motor in it!
Definitely not gonna be cheap...

seemingly rust free GMC stepside bed (and I think the frame that it's on has crate 350 in it)

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Stupid question....I'm kinda having the same storage/eyesore problems and I was wondering....if he's been to court over this before and it's been going on for a while, why does he keep aquiring vehicles? Some of them have only sat for a month or two.
i could use the stepside wheel wells do you know if hes willing to remove parts? thanks Stuby
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I don't think that he's purchased anything recently, I think when he says "sat for 1 month", that's just how long it's been since it was last driven. Can't be sure though, I don't know the whole story. Give him a ring and ask about what all has transpired so far. You guys might have a lot to talk about. ;-)
As for parting out the stepside bed, seems doubtful, but it can't hurt to ask. :)
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