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The back up 15 feet problem

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I have read and know from experiance that sometimes when I disengage the command trac 4 wheel drive on my 1994 Jeep Cherookee Sport I6 4.0 with 117k miles, I on rare ocasion have the problem of the 4wd not disengageing like it should.
So I do the back up 15 feet thing and I hear the coresponding click of the 4wd being disengaged.
If this were to be a problem on the select tracs then the whole idea of leaving it in 4wd time all the time would be shot.
So what is the design diferance between the select and command trac that allows the select trac to not have this ocasional disengagement problem?
Is there anything I can do to prevent it from happening so I dont have to waste time manualy disengageing the 4wd on my jeep by backing it up?
Is there an certain action taken or a time elapsed while in 4wd that will allow me to predict that this is going to happen?
Just what causes this to happen exactly?
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My 92, with 160K miles, Selectrac also sticks. Switching to 4wd lo or neutral is fine. Getting from 2wd to full time 4wd is fine normally to. From full time 4wd to 2wd sticks in part time 4wd.
My old 88 selectrac with 250k miles did not stick.

I dont know what causes it - I had hoped it would loosen up when i did the fluid change but it didnt.

I was told that this happens because of one line sucking and the other line blowing and the disco NOT closing far enough to stop the signal from going to the trannie and then to the dash. It's because you ingage the gearbox manually and the axle with vacuum. The vacuum system as it is, is the culprit. I have a new harness and my "part time" light stays on, unless I go under there and manually jiggle it and unplug it to get it to go off. This only works untill I re-engague the 4WD. Then there it is again. I've even sprayed the fork and all, but there it goes again.
no vac. disco, and 2wd-lo

I dont have the vac. disco axel.
I am kinda guessing the chains may be a little streached.

I'm thinking Ill pull the transfer case, put in new chain and seals, and the 2wd-lo kit.
I was gonna pull the one from my 88, but I read that between 88 and 92 the input shaft spline count changed.

Something to do in the spring I think! As long as I have full time 4wd, Ill be ok until then.

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