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well yesterday i grabbed a few of my buddies from work and dragged them to my friend's shop at 9 in the morning. before lunch we had the ol 258 out and in the back of someone's truck. we ran into a few problems in getting the 360 in...

1) the clutch kit i got didn't have the pilot bushing
2) it took 5 tries to find the right pilot bushing
3) the clutch kit i got had the wrong throwout bearing
4) had to modify frame mounts (knew i'd have to do that though)
5) someone decided to flip the engine over to put the oil pan on before the pushrods and rockers were installes forcing a removal of the intake and valley pan to reseat a few lifters.
6) it is a pita to get an edelbrock manifold to line up properly with the intake holes on the head
7) had to re route fuel line (knew that too)
8) could not get the stupid engine to go all the way back against the bellhousing
9) was late finishing and wife got mad

day two...

1) took two long bolts and got them to go through the BH and set pin holes on block, torqued them down and fixed the block to BH gap problem
2) wound up having to drill the passenger side frame mount as well
3) lowered engine and it dropped right in the holes
4) wooooohooooooo
5) had to go back to class dirty

now i just have to get the rest of the bolts in, inspection plate on, starter in, distributor in, carb hooked up, alternator on, brackets for the york on, radiator in, electric fan mounted and hooked up, exhaust manifolds on, plugs and wires in, move tfi coil, put on the oil filter and put oil in it, prime it at some point, sned it over the get exhaust done and she'll be ready for the next project...

next up.... the cage (need it with this engine

well anyway i am psyched, it is nice to actually have this thing in the jeep instead of sitting on a stand looking all pretty. now i just can't wait to get it running


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6) it is a pita to get an edelbrock manifold to line up properly with the intake holes on the head

[/ QUOTE ]

Really? I didn't have any problems putting mine on when I rebuilt my engine or a few months later when I removed and reinstalled the edelbrock manifold. The second time I installed it, I only used silicone for the front and rear seals instead of the rubber gaskets. (That was 4 years ago and no, there are no oil leaks.)

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I too had problems with te edeelbrock intake but then i realized it was the rubber side peices and they were too thick for the intake to bolt down, i threw out the rubber pieces added a thick bead of RTV and it went together nicely. Remeber to put the intake on and bolt it down snug, then let the RTV cure and torque it down the next day.


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I had some problems with my Edelbrock after having the heads taken down for the second time!!!!
Just waiting for the 360 to die so I can put in the 350 sitting in the shop!!!! Not going to swap it until it blows up though.
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