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TH400 Question

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I have converted my V6 225 stick to a Th400. I need to hook up the kickdown? switch. The switch is on the gas pedal assembly. How does the thing work. As you feed more gas the pedal makes contact with the switch. Does the switch need full depression to signal the TH400? What is the proper location for the switch in relation to the pedal at idle, full gas and after you let up on the gas? I have no clue where the adjustments should be.

This a hobby??????????????????//

Thanks again in advance.
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The TH400 uses the switch, which is activated at full throttle.
I don't use one, I like playing with the shifter

Hope this helps.
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The kick down switch on both my Jeeps are mounted by the carburator. When you mash on the gas, an arm mounted to the throttle assembly will swing back and depress the switch. I will take a pic later today of the 72's. My 69 is in the hospital.


Oh wait, I see what you are asking now. Not the location of the switch but the adjustment of it. Mine the button has to be fully depressed. In other words it is not like a contact switch. You would have to almost fully mash on the pedal to push it in. So when you manually pull back the throttle assembly I think it is placed where it would almost be fully extended.
Wide open throttle. Use a test-light or volt meter to tell when it has made electrical contact.
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