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Hey, I'm looking to buy a 73-75 K5 Blazer or Jimmy, because I love the full convertable top and I think these trucks are awesome . I came accross a guy who has a '73 and a '74 K5, the '74 has a 350 4 bolt main, TH400 Tranny, he wants like 3K for the truck, the other one is a '73, with a 350 3 bolt main, with a TH350 tranny. My Ford guy said that the TH350 would crap out on me when I got out on the trail cause there not that stout. I don't plan on going heavy off road like Tellico, I have a build FJ-40 Land Cruiser for that I just want something for a bulletproof dily drive, mud truck, for tough trails and other goodies you find in the South Eastern mountains. I plan on running 33"-35" inch tires and probably a locker. Will the TH350 hold up or should I go with the TH400 (I wish it had the 4 speed with granny gear). I might build it up in a few years with one ton axles and 38's, but for now, I just want a old K5 to drive to work, school, and to run calls with the volunteer fire dept. So will the T350 Hold up to mud, rocks, and hard trails with out getting it rebuilt and built up? Or in the long run, should I go with the TH400?

Thanks for any help, Bobby Schleier, Blue Ridge, Greenville SC
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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